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The Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal is the only double blind peer reviewed publication of it's type in the Australasian region and is available free of charge to ANZSLA members in hard copy and electronic format.  Non-members can purchase a copy from the ANZSLA Store using a credit card.  Please contact if you wish to pay by cheque or direct deposit.

Article submissions are invited from members and non-ANZSLA members by 28 February of each year.  Articles will be double-blind peer reviewed (refereed by two suitable persons, determined by the Editor, in consultation with the ANZSLA Journal Editorial Committee).  Author guidelines and an article submission form are available to download from this page.

The 2014 Volume 9 No.1 edition of the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal is available from its dedicated members' only webpage (or by purchase via the online ANZSLA Store), and includes articles on:  

  • 'All for one and one for all … for how much longer? How WADA could tackle doping in professional team sport’  - Wark, Victoria
  • 'The integrity of sport and the privilege against self-incrimination – Is ASADA playing by the rules?’ - Crocker, Anthony
  •  'Match-fixing in football: The epistemology of the Court of Arbitration for Sport Jurisprudence’ - Deakes, Nathan
  •  'Cheating to lose: The rampant expansion of match-fixing and developing responses to defend fair competition in New Zealand sport’ - Chamberlain, Alison
  • ‘Truth or truce? The legality of restriction on Olympic athletes’ freedom of speech’ - Killeen, Anita and Hertogen, An
  • ‘Procedural fairness, disabled athletes and the Court of Arbitration for Sport’ - Donaldson, Hannah
  • ‘Don’t argue with the ref! – Legal liability for incorrect decisions of sports officials’ - O’Brien, John

The Commentator

The Commentator is an electronic publication forwarded to ANZSLA members four times each year.  It contains a case and legislation digest, as well as articles on topical and sometimes controversial issues confronting lawyers and administrators in the sports industry.   The Commentator is available free to ANZSLA members and can be purchased by non-members via Informit.


The Commentator editions are published on: 1 March (contribution deadline 21 February); 30 June (contribution deadline 23 June); 31 October (contribution deadline 24 October); and the final edition will be published on 15 December (contribution deadline 8 December). 

Author guidelines and an article submission form are available to download from this page. 


The latest Volume (No 94) of The Commentator is available to members via The Commentator dedicated page.  Here is a summary from the Editor:

In the first article for this edition, Alexandra Veuthey, Attorney-at-law, LL.M and Ph.D Candidate, Melbourne Law School (sports law) analyses a recent decision of the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority related to a television advertisement praising FIFA’s system against match-fixing in view of the scandals that have engulfed the association.

In the second article, John Didulica, Director of Football Operations & Legal Counsel, Melbourne City Football Club argues that regulations seeking to promote and protect ‘Integrity in Sport’ do not provide appropriate protection for- and encouragement to- athlete whistleblowers.

In the third article, a University of New South Wales JD student, Claire Anderson, argues that the strict liability on athletes under the WADA Cade is too harsh and that there should be a concept of shared liability where others such as coaches and doctors contribute to the violation.

In her President’s column, Venetia Stewart reviews the 25th anniversary conference held in Melbourne in October.

This edition includes a profile of ANZSLA members Kendall Harris and Graeme Johnson.

There is also a series of photographs from the Conference.

In my editorial I discuss the continuing disparity between recognition of women in sport.


Gerry Glennen


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