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ANZSLA seeks to engage with leading international sports law organisations as a means to grow membership, to increase the profile of the organisation and its members and to increase the industry’s understanding of legal issues.

During the term of the alliances, ANZSLA and the other leading international sports law organisations (listed below) will explore and, where appropriate, pursue activities that are of benefit to their respective organisations and members including:   

- reciprocol promotion opportunities of annual conferences,

- exploring opportunities to conduct joint regional functions;

- annual conference attendance rates for members:  each organisation will offer
  the other organisations’ members attendance at their annual conferences at rates
  applicable to the members of the organisation conducting the conference;

- membership fee reduction:  provide a fee reduction of 50% off membership to
  existing members of one association for membership of the other organisation.


Japanese Sports Law Association (JSLA)

The Japanese Sports Law Association (JSLA) is the premier non-profit sports law organisation in Japan and is dedicated to providing education, advocacy and networking opportunities about leagl issues in sport.

JSLA website:

US Sports Lawyers Association (SLA)

The Sports Lawyers Association (SLA) is a non-profit, international, professional organisation whose common goal is the understanding, advancement and ethical practice of sports law. There are over 1,000 current members: practicing lawyers, law educators, law students, and other professionals with an interest in law relating to professional and amateur sports.

SLA website:

Portuguese Association of Sports Law (APDD)

The Portuguese Association for Sports Law is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is the promotion and dissemination of sports law, including through the design and development of training actions, as well as the organization of conferences, debates and other forms of congregation of lawyers who are dedicated to the study and development of sports law. It can also carry out initiatives aimed to value the associated status of its members, such as the publication of legal texts-sporting nature in its own name or in partnership with other entities. It also aims to establish international links, aimed at comparative studies of sports law.

APDD website:


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    • 4 July 2017
      Vol 10 No 1 of the ANZSLA Journal has been published.  Hard copies have been posted to members and a PDF is available from the 'Publications: ANZSLA Journal' page of the website.  Non members may purchase a hard/PDF copy from the ANZSLA Store.
    • 22 May 2017
      ANZSLA is delighted to announce the formation of an alliance with the US Sports Lawyers Association (SLA), the Japanese Sports Law Association (JSLA) and the Portuguese Association of Sports Law (APDD).  Further details can be found on the 'International...
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