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As a law professional, it is important to have access to accurate and up to date information. For more than 40 years, CCH has built a reputation in Australia for providing its customers with an in-depth coverage of law and practice in a wide range of areas including Sports Law.


CCH offers you the flexibility to tailor your own solution and build your library according to your specific needs no matter how large or small. Our large team of editors and writers focus on producing accurate and comprehensive analysis and commentary so you can be confident that you always have access to the latest legislation, cases, precedents and rulings. External contributors include experts from top tier law and accounting firms.


With CCH solutions, not only can you be confident that you have the latest commentary, analysis and legislation information at hand, but CCH online content is powered by a revolutionary research platform called IntelliConnect™.

How can CCH online help?

·      Superior search - You can search your entire library of CCH content in seconds using simple keywords, saving you time and money.

·      Print Court ready PDFs - print and email PDFs with active links to content so you can save vital documents and easily distribute to colleagues and clients.

·      Create research folders with notes - Build and keep personalised folders around an issue or a client based on multiple search results. Annotate your research folders with your own notes.

·      Roadmaps - Delving into unfamiliar subject matter or just need a quick summary of all the up-to-date material contained within CCH commentary? Then look no further than CCH Roadmaps.

·      Save searches - Running regular searches? Save your searches easily and quickly so it’s all there next time you need it.

·      AustLII and CCH - Access the AustLII LawCite citator from IntelliConnect™

·      Google® like search function - Filter your results by content type, library, topic or jurisdiction, allowing you to do thorough and systematic research.

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